Board Of Barbering And Cosmetology Approves Senator Janet Nguyen’s Request To Create A Task Force On Manicurist Scope Of Practice

(Sacramento, CA) California manicurists may soon see the value of their license increase thanks to efforts by Senator Janet Nguyen to push for a state review of education requirements needed to perform additional services. The review will be conducted by a task force of the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology (BBC) created at Senator Nguyen’s request and will specifically assess whether or not manicurists can safely perform additional superfluous hair removal services from the lip, eyebrows, elbow to the fingertips or knees to the toes by using tweezers or waxing. The task force will also assess the number of additional training hours that manicurists would have to receive in order to safely perform these hair removal services without having to attain a full cosmetology license which requires 1600 hours of training.

“Under current law, manicurists who want to perform waxing services have to get a cosmetology license. This means that they have to learn about a variety of services like hair beautification, and facials that they may have no interest in providing just to be able to wax,” said Senator Janet Nguyen. “Through the creation of this BBC Task Force, we can identify what options are available for manicurists to expand their professional services in a way that directly connects to their training without imposing burdensome requirements and while maintaining consumer safety.”

In an effort to examine what additional services manicurists can potentially provide, on May 24, 2017 Senator Nguyen and Senator Jerry Hill sent a letter to the BBC asking them to create a task force to review manicurist scope of practice and to study the appropriate educational and training requirements for an individual licensed as a manicurist. The Board approved Senator Nguyen’s letter on July 17, 2017 and must report back their findings to the Legislature by December 1, 2017.

Prior to Senator Nguyen’s request, in 2013 the Senate Business, Professions, and Economic Development Committee raised the issue of license categories and asked whether many of the beautification services offered by the BBC licenses require the mandatory schooling and training hours necessary for a cosmetologist and esthetician. They also discussed how there might not be a need for an individual performing specialized services to invest the resources required to complete many of the training programs offered by BBC-approved schools.

For these reasons, in addition to requesting the creation of the BBC Task Force, Senator Nguyen introduced Senate Bill 296, which would expand the definition of a manicurist’s license to include a limited waxing scope once the licensee has met specified educational requirements. The State Legislature will consider SB 296 in 2018.

“The goal of SB 296 is to increase income opportunities for the thousands of manicurists who rely on this profession to sustain their families,” said Senator Janet Nguyen. “If manicurists are able to provide clients with additional services, like waxing, they are likely to increase their income thereby helping themselves, their families and the economy at large.”

Senator Nguyen’s proposal follows in the footsteps of the State of New York which has a separate waxing license requirement for manicurists that requires them to complete an additional curriculum of 75 hours to perform waxing services.