Senator Janet Nguyen Denounces Upcoming Visit Of Vietnamese National Assembly Delegation To State Capitol

California State Senator Janet Nguyen is calling on the Vietnamese-American community to join her to denounce the upcoming visit of a delegation from the Vietnamese National Assembly to the State Capitol. The eight-member delegation, led by Vu Hong Thanh, Chairman of the Economic Committee of the National Assembly and staff, is scheduled to visit the State Capitol in Sacramento on Monday, July 3rd.

Immediately after learning of the delegation’s visit, Senator Nguyen sent a letter of protest to Senate Pro Tem Kevin de Leon expressing her shock and indignation with this decision, requesting that he rescind the invitation to the delegation and asking him to ensure that the flag of the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam will not displayed at the State Capitol.

“As someone whose family endured the wrath of the Communist government and as a representative of the Vietnamese-American community, I am insulted by these efforts to welcome a delegation of government leaders from Vietnam’s National Assembly,” said Senator Janet Nguyen. “The National Assembly is an arm of the Communist Party, whose the members craft legislation and appoint leaders that routinely suppress the rights of the people of Vietnam. We cannot stand idly by while these individuals are welcomed.”

To supplement her letter of protest, Senator Nguyen is asking residents throughout the State of California to reaffirm the offensive nature of this visit to the Vietnamese-American community by signing a petition that would demand that the Senate Pro Tem rescind the invitation.

“We need to make our voices heard before the State Senate opens its doors to this Communist delegation on Monday. It is very important that we gather as many signatures as possible so that my Senate colleagues understand the magnitude of this issue to the Vietnamese-American community,” said Senator Janet Nguyen.

To sign the petition, please visit here.