Senator Janet Nguyen’s SB 895 Gets Approval From The Assembly Committee On Appropriations

(Garden Grove, CA) One day after hundreds of residents gathered at the State Capitol in an overwhelming showing of support for Senate Bill 895, Senator Janet Nguyen is proud to announce that the California Assembly Committee on Appropriations has approved the bill. This important approval allows SB 895 to advance to the floor of the California State Assembly, where it will be considered by the chamber’s 80 members.

“SB 895 has become a beacon of unity for residents from throughout the State of California who understand the inherent value of this bill and who yearn for the refugee experience to be part of our state’s educational curriculum,” said Senator Janet Nguyen. “The legislative process is complicated and full of hurdles but rather than diminish, the community’s support has grown as we have moved through the process. This speaks volumes of the significance of SB 895.”

Before the Assembly Committee on Appropriations cast their vote on the future of SB 895, the seventeen members of the committee heard from Senator Janet Nguyen and the many supporters of the bill who provided the committee with first-hand accounts of the refugee experience and the benefits of memorializing their stories. At the hearing, over 16,000 thousand signatures were also submitted for the committee’s consideration.

Following the presentation from Senator Janet Nguyen, Assemblymember Ash Kalra, one of the bills co-authors shared the following remarks:

“As a representative of over 107,000 Vietnamese Americans residing in San Jose, I am proud to support legislation that increases the awareness of our refugee and immigrant populations during the Vietnam War era. There is no better way to combat those historical atrocities and struggles than to overcome them with education and compassion.”

The State Assembly now has until August 31, 2018 to approve SB 895.