Senator Janet Nguyen Invites The Community To Attend Public Hearing To Support Historic Bill That Creates State’s First School Curriculum On The Vietnamese-American Refugee Experience

(Garden Grove, CA) Senator Janet Nguyen is calling on the community to join her in Sacramento to attend the first public hearing for Senate Bill 895 (SB 895). SB 895 is a historic legislative proposal that seeks to create California’s first school curriculum on the Vietnamese-American Refugee Experience. The hearing, which will take place before the Senate Education Committee on April 25, 2018 at 9am, is of critical importance as it will decide the fate of SB 895. Should the bill fail to be approved at this hearing, SB 895 would be defeated and will not advance.

“It is important that my colleagues on the Senate Education Committee understand the magnitude of this bill for the Vietnamese-American community,” said Senator Janet Nguyen. “To ensure that SB 895 moves forward, I need residents to join me in Sacramento to make their voices heard before the committee casts a vote on the future of this historic piece of legislation.”

Introduced in January 2018, SB 895 is a landmark piece of legislation, authored by Senator Nguyen, that seeks to create a comprehensive school curriculum that school districts throughout California could access to teach about the Vietnamese-American Refugee Experience. If approved, the curriculum would incorporate writings and oral testimony that encapsulates all perspectives of the refugee experience including the accounts of Vietnamese Boat People and the members of the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces. Since its introduction, SB 895 has garnered support in Vietnamese-American Communities throughout California.

As part of the legislative approval process, SB 895 has been referred to the Senate Education Committee, which has jurisdiction over bills relating to education and is made up of six members. The Senate Education Committee will consider SB 895 on April 25th and will vote that day to decide if the bill moves forward. All who support SB 895 are cordially invited to join Senator Nguyen in Sacramento during bill testimony to publicly state their support before the members of the Senate Education Committee. Supporters interested in attending to state their support in person or media interested in securing a media permit to covering this hearing, should contact Jacqueline On at or (714) 741-1034.

Supporters unable to travel to Sacramento for the April 25th hearing are encouraged to sign an online petition available at by April 24th at 5 p.m. The signatures collected via the online petition will be personally submitted by Senator Nguyen to the Senate Education Committee on April 25th. To date, over 1,100 signatures have been gathered in support of SB 895. Given the vast size of the California’s Vietnamese-American community, which stands at approximately 500,000 and the approximately 2 million Vietnamese-Americans who reside nationwide, it is important to gather thousands of signatures to demonstrate the importance of this bill to the Vietnamese-American community.

“For more than four decades the Vietnamese-American community has contributed to the social, economic and cultural fabric of the State of California. It’s time that our school curriculum incorporates the stories of resilience and triumph of our community,” said Senator Janet Nguyen.

Hearing Information:

Wednesday, April 25, 2018
State Capitol, Sacramento
Room 4203

For more information, please call (714) 741-1034.

Sign The Petition

“In an effort to promote a deeper understanding of the plight of Vietnamese-American Refugees, I have introduced Senate Bill 895, the state’s first model curriculum relative to the Vietnamese-American Refugee experience. The goal of SB 895 is to make available a comprehensive curriculum that school districts throughout California can access when teaching about the Vietnam War and the post-Vietnam War era.”