Senator Janet Nguyen Releases Statement And Call To Action On The Arrest Of American Citizen Will Nguyen

Following media reports of the detention of Will Nguyen, a 32 year-old American citizen who was protesting Vietnam’s efforts to establish Special Economic Zones (SEZ), Senator Janet Nguyen has issued the following statement and call to action:

“The reported detention and unwarranted abusive treatment that Will Nguyen has been subjected to is yet another example of the oppressive tactics of the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Sadly, Will is among hundreds of brave Vietnamese who have taken to the streets over the last few weeks to make their voices heard and who are now victims of the government’s intolerance.

As the days pass and news of Will’s whereabouts remain unknown, we need to be vigilant and vocal. During his arrest, Will was reportedly beaten and dragged into the back of a police car; his personal belongings and passport were confiscated.

As citizens of a nation rooted in the principles of liberty and free expression, I ask that we join in a unified call to action, calling on President Trump and Secretary of State Pompeo to intervene immediately to safeguard Will’s freedom and wellbeing. We cannot stand idly by while he and other brave individuals sit behind bars. We must act now to secure their freedom.”

To bring attention to the plight of Will Nguyen, Senator Janet Nguyen sent a letter to President Donald Trump asking him to condemn Mr. Nguyen’s detention and to intervene immediately to secure his immediate SAFE release. She also called on President Trump to seek the liberation of all Vietnamese residents who are currently imprisoned for exercising their freedom of expression.

To assist residents in calling for Will’s freedom, Senator Nguyen has also organized an online petition that residents can sign. The petition is available below.

According to media reports, Will Nguyen is a U.S. Citizen born in the State of Texas and a Yale University Graduate who is set to obtain his Masters Degree from the University of Singapore. Mr. Nguyen was visiting Vietnam when protests broke out against the government’s plan to establish SEZs. Until his reported arrest on Sunday, Mr. Nguyen was chronicling his experience via social media accounts.

Sign The Petition

“Sign the petition urging the U.S. Government to condemn the detention of American citizen Will Nguyen and call for his immediate SAFE release BACK TO UNITED STATES, as well as the liberation of all Vietnamese residents who are currently imprisoned for exercising their freedom of expression.”