Sign The Petition To Support Assemblywoman Janet Nguyen’s Legislation To Exempt Manicurists From AB 5

AB 231 was introduced by Assemblywoman Janet Nguyen.  This bill would permanently exempt manicurists from the job-killing bill AB 5. AB 5 was a bill passed by the Legislature in 2019 that redefined the definition of an employee.

AB 5, which was signed into law in 2019, reclassified a majority of independent contractors (1099) as employees, meaning they can’t work for themselves. There were a number of permanent exemptions given to different industries such as barbers and hair salons, however manicurists were only given a short exemption until January 1, 2022, after which time they would not be allowed to work as independent contractors. AB 231 would correct that by making this exemption permanent.

Vietnamese Americans represent 80% of nail technicians and owners in the nail industry in the State of California. This is the single largest job sector for the Vietnamese-American community. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and California legislation, nail salons have been singled out numerous times amongst the various professions in cosmetology. Barbers and hair salons were permitted to reopen during the COVID-19 shutdowns sooner and for longer periods of time than nail salons following the same health and safety guidelines.

Given this unfair treatment, we can see that the people who claimed to represent and be the voice of the Little Saigon areas didn’t care or truly have the Vietnamese-American community’s interests at heart. My bill, AB 231, will guarantee manicurists can have the freedom to continue to work as independent contractors if they so choose just like any other cosmetology industry.

By signing this petition, you would be supporting AB 231 and manicurists across the state who deserve the same exemptions as others in their field of work. Sign today to have your voice heard!

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